25 New Light Curves and Updated Ephemeris through Analysis of Exoplanet WASP-50b with EXOTIC


The EXOplanet Transit Interpretation Code (EXOTIC) was used to reduce 75 sets of time-series images of WASP-50 taken by the 6-inch telescope of the Center for Astrophysics| Harvard & Smithsonian MicroObservatory. Of these sets, 25 resulted in clean light curves showing the transit of WASP-50 b, 22 of which had sufficiently low uncertainty to qualify for use in an ephemeris update. We used these results to establish planetary parameters and update WASP-50 b’s mid-transit time from 2455558.61237±0.0002 to 2456295.68245±0.00085 (BJD_TDB) and its period from 1.9551±5–06 to 1.95509584±0.00000106 d. The mid-transit time uncertainty of WASP-50 b at the time of projected James Webb Telescope science operations (January 2022) is reduced by a factor of 4.0 using our new ephemeris. We also calculate the planetary size and semi-major axis of WASP-50 b to be approximately 83,200 km±2,230 km and 0.0294 AU±0.0000233 AU, respectively.

Journal of the AAVSO
Leon Bewersdorff
Leon Bewersdorff
Computer Science Student at RWTH Aachen University, Engineering/Operations at OurSky